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New Review Article on the Effects of EECP Therapy on Health Related QoL

Posted: Wed Feb 21, 2018 4:25 pm
by ecpforum
IEECPS February 21, 2018

A new review article entitled “Evaluation of enhanced external counter pulsation effectiveness on clinical profile and health-related quality of life in coronary heart disease patients”. has been published in International Journal of Current Research in Life Sciences Vol. 07, No. 01, pp.796-805, January, 2018. The authors V Singh, G Kumari, B Chhajer, AK Jhingan, S Dahiya from Lingaya University in Faridabad, India, SAAOL Heart Center and the Delhi Diabetes Research Center in New Delhi, India researched a total of 258 EECP research articles from the early stage of EECP development to the current date and included 60 articles (53 EECP articles for clinical profile and 7 articles for HRQoL that matched the inclusion criteria. The article provides citations for a great number of clinical articles published in support of EECP therapy and its positive results in many fields of cardiovascular disease. The article does point out that additional research is needed. For more information click on the article title above.